When it comes to food and drink, we created a global affair with a smouldering urban grill,
café-bar and coffee roastery, an indoor-outdoor farm-to-table dining room
and our rooftop Peruvian Melting Pot – each entirely authentic in character and cuisine.

Copper restaurants

A smouldering Urban Grill

  • Open-fire grill
  • Emphasis on meat, plus fish and vegetarian
  • Ambience: warm, relaxed, intimate
  • Open for lunch and dinner

A Peruvian Melting Pot

  • Rooftop restaurant in colourful Peruvian tones
  • A distillation of Peru’s diverse culinary heritage
  • Social sharing cocktails and platters
  • Live music and DJs
  • Open for lunch and dinner
The other room restautants

A relaxing garden ‘outdoors-in’ dining room

  • Pool & lawn-side restaurant
  • Farm-to-table ingredients that let the natural flavours shine
  • Buffet and a-la-carte breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Open 24hrs
The Living Room Menu

A 24-hour Café-bar and Coffee Roastery

  • Informal hang-out at the heart of the House.
  • Casual dining and take-outs
  • Emphasis on ‘pit-stop’ swift dining
  • Open 24 hours.
  • In-house-roasted Kenyan Arabica coffee